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Last Modified: 8/15/2022


Grace Offers® currently does not sell products or services directly to consumers. Instead, we link to 3rd party websites where customers can make purchases on other websites. If this changes, this page will contain helpful information about return policies.

Example Outline:

What products can be returned or exchanged?

> Change of mind

> Broken Product

! Change of Mind

> Time period for return or exchange

-- 30, 60, 90 days post-purchase

> What condition does the product need to be in for the return?

-- (e.g.lightly worn, with tags still on, etc.)

> What do customers get after returning?

-- Refund, store credit, other product?

> Process for getting a return?

-- email or contact form?

-- the customer pays for shipping?

! Broken Product

> Is there a warranty?

> Do they get a refund immediately? Do they need to return it first?

Process for claiming?

-- Photo of the product

-- Send an email to

-- Returning it in the original packaging

-- Who pays for shipping?

*Note: The products you choose through us may help reduce the effort and time needed to reach your business goals.


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